Fishing Guide (Skill)

Welcome to the Fishing Guide. Fishing is a very valuable resource when it comes to doing any kind of fighting. With fishing you can fish any fish you wish (with the level of course) cook it and then eat for when you want to kill something like when you PVM , PK or skill.

 Possible Fish you can Fish:

  • Raw Shrimp  Fishing lvl 1
  • .Raw Anchovies Fishing lvl 1
  • Raw Tuna Fishing lvl 35.
  • Raw Lobster Fishing lvl 40.
  • Raw Swordfish Fishing lvl 50.
  • Raw Monkfish Fishing lvl 62.
  • Raw Shark Fishing lvl 76.
  • Raw Sea Turtle Fishing lvl 79.
  • Raw Manta ray Fishing lvl 91.

Recommended Fishing Guide:

  • Fish Raw Shrimp til lvl 40 Fishing.
  • Fish Raw Lobster til lvl 62 Fishing.
  • Fish Raw Monkfish til lvl 79 Fishing.
  • Fish Raw Sea Turtle til lvl 99 Fishing.

This is the fastest known way to get 99 fishing so far. Fishing is usually needed and a great skill to max out in.

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