Cooking Guide (Skill)

Cooking is a great skill to have and is needed to eat food if you ever want to Pk or PVM. You could buy the food but not all of it. Cooking is an easy skill to learn and looks good when you reach 99. Here is the list of fish that you can cook on Project Decimate. 

Cookable fish:

  • Raw Shrimp Cooking lvl 1.
  • Raw Tuna Cooking lvl 34.
  • Raw Swordfish Cooking lvl 50.
  • Raw Monkfish Cooking lvl 62.
  • Raw Shark Cooking lvl 80.
  • Raw Mantaray Cooking lvl 91.

Fastest way to 99 Cooking:

  • Cook Raw Shrimp til 34 cooking.
  • Cook Raw Tuna til 62 cooking.
  • Cook Raw Monkfish tiil 80 cooking.
  • Cook Raw Shark til 91 cooking.
  • Cook Raw Mantaray til 99 cooking.

Remember that you will burn some so try to fish or buy a reasonable amount. 

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